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Our Priority

Please be assured that the safety and health of our children and staff is our priority.

Classroom/Campus Safety

Classroom Setting

  • Each child will have their assigned seat at the table 

  • Use own supplies

Lunch Time

We will return to the Parish hall to have lunch with your child’s cohort group.  Ducklings will have lunch in their own classroom.
11:30 am Colts & Dolphins
12:00 pm Alligators, Bunnies & Bears
12:30 pm Owls, Penguins & Lemurs

Morning and afternoon snacks will be in your child’s classroom.

Nap Time

Cots will be placed more than 3 feet apart alternating head placement.  Cots will be sanitized on Fridays or last day of the week.  A small blanket and a small blanket will be stored in a bag provided by the school and kept in the classroom. Beddings go home on Friday to be laundered in hot temperature.

Protective Supplies​

Face mask is optional for indoor and outdoor.

Enhanced Cleaning

Following rigorous cleaning procedures recommended by the CDC.

Staff Health

Measures include daily self-check and temperature monitoring

Pick Up and Drop Off Route​

  • whenever possible please have the same person drop off and pick up

  • Parents are not allowed in the classrooms when children are present. Parents are allowed to go in the classrooms to put away/pick up their children's belongs when children are not present.

Difference between COVID-19, allergies, influenza, and common cold

Information provided by American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology (AAAA).
Please click HERE for the information.

4/10/2023 COVID policies update

We will be updating our school’s Covid Policies beginning on 4/10/2023. We will continue to ask families to notify us of positive cases so we can keep track. We will continue to send exposure notices to families. The following are being updated:

Testing Requirement

We will no longer require testing for children/staff who were exposed to Covid but have no symptoms. We will continue to require testing for children who show symptoms. Children who have been out sick will need to provide a negative antigen test before returning to school. When sending the test result to BW, please write your child’s name and the test date on the test before uploading it.

Quarantine After Travel

Children/staff are no longer required to to quarantine after international/out of state travel regardless of vaccination status. All students/staff returning from travel are required to provide a negative antigen test before returning to school.

Protocols for Student When A Family Member Tests Positive for COVID

A student will need to stay home for 3 days (previously 5 days) if a family member tests positive for Covid. The student may return to school on the 4th day with a negative antigen test and continue to be symptom-free. 

Testing After Long Breaks

All staff and students will be required to take an antigen test before returning from Christmas/New Year break.

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