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Parent Teacher Conference

Parent Teacher Conferences will begin this week.  Please look for your child’s teacher’s sign up sheet in the classroom and pick a time on their scheduled day that works for you. The schedule is as follows:

Ms. Jan

  • Tues, Jan 21st

  • Wed, Jan 22nd

  • Thurs, Jan 23rd


Ms. Carrie

  • Mon, Jan 27th

  • Tues, Jan 28th

  • Wed, Jan 29th 

Ms. Suki

  • Thurs, Jan 30th

  • Fri, Jan 31st 

Ms. Winnie X

  • Mon, Feb 3rd

  • Tues, Feb 4th

Ms. Windy

  • Wed, Feb 5th

  • Thurs, Feb 6th

  • Fri Feb 7th

Ms. Kristina

  • Mon, Feb 10th

  • Tues, Feb 11th

  • Wed, Feb 12th 

Ms. Sarah

  • Thurs, Feb 13th

  • Tues, Feb 18th

Ms. Amy

  • Wed, Feb 19th

  • Thurs, Feb 20th

  • Fri, Feb 21st

Mr. Daniel

  • Mon, Feb 24th

  • Tues, Feb 25th

  • Wed, Feb 26th

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