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is free but i want use it to work on my cellphone thorshammer: what OS is on the phone? sorry, i don't use cellphone! right zykotick9, that's my point...if you're not aware of the urls the better question is why? android thorshammer: are you on ubuntu right now? now BluesKaj: urls are... long! I believe urls for openbox repo are similar. i don't use the ubuntu software center, i don't use the ubuntu software centre, i use apt-get/apt-cache. i'm not aware of any buttons like the software center. anyone know why i cant download the b43-fwcutter package from the canonial repositories. i keep getting 404 errors. why not? why can't i do apt-get install? thorshammer: this is the ubuntu support channel. you are in ubuntu right now? yes i like ubuntu but i like the idea of arch a bit more thorshammer: if you don't answer my question, i don't think you're going to get the support you desire ;) good luck. I know but the software center is better thorshammer: no it's not. not as much as you'd think, if you actually *know* what you want to install, you wouldn't need the software center. good luck. daffy: i have no idea, but it might be a good idea to post your issue on a forum, perhaps ubuntu forum, as the ubuntu channel isn't really the place for this sort of thing. i mean, i'm surprised they are even offering the b43-fwcutter. good luck. guys... having a weird issue with my box. I added a new user and that user cannot access X server or access a shell. Is



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Wilcom Embroidery Studio E15 Dongle Crack Software brynbib

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