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Our Priority

Please be assured that the safety and health of our children and staff is our priority.

Classroom/Campus Safety

Daily Cleaning Routine

You can view the video here.


Continued 6-foot Social Distancing

  • All parents & staff on our campus need to maintain a 6-foot distance, with the exception of the teachers and TAs in our classrooms.  All adults & children will need to wear mask on our campus.

  • Staff & children must remain in their stable group throughout school day and only in their assigned room.

Class Size

We are no longer bound by the State's cap of 10 students to a group.  Our class size is 14 students to 1 teacher and 1 TA, while providing plenty of room for social distancing.

Classroom Setting

  • Each child will have their assigned seat at the table 

  • Small group learning 

  • Use own supplies

Playground and Restroom Schedules

  • One class at a time  

  • We will sanitize the facilities before and after use

Lunch Time

School is providing snacks and lunch.  Children will have their snacks & lunch in their own classroom.

Nap Time

Cots will be placed 6 feet apart alternating head placement.  Cots will be sanitized everyday.  Cot sheet & pillow will not be used; a small blanket will be stored after nap in a plastic bag and placed in the child's cubby. Blanket goes home on Friday to be laundered in hot temperature.

Why is a child allowed to bring blanket but not a pillow?

We do not have individualized storage capacity to accommodate at this time.

Illness Policy

Symptomatic staff and children should self-isolate and not return to school until 7 days after symptom onset or 72 hours after the fever is gone and initial symptoms have improved, whichever is longer. Obtain clearance from their healthcare provider.

Symptoms for Child: fever, cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, vomiting, sore throat, runny nose/eyes, rash on feet/toes

**Parents are asked to take their child’s temperature in the morning before leaving for school.

If a child becomes ill during school hours, we will contact family for pick up. Child needs to be picked up within an hour. We will place a mask on the ill child and keep him/her in the preschool office until pick up.

Protective Supplies

  • Staff are provided with fabric masks, face shields, gloves, and sanitizers

  • We require all children and staff to wear masks. 

Enhanced Cleaning

Following rigorous cleaning procedures recommended by the CDC.

Staff Health

Measures include daily self-check and temperature monitoring

Pick Up and Drop Off Route

  • To make social distancing, please follow signage for pick up and drop off route

  • please bring your own pen for signing in/out

  • whenever possible please have the same person drop off and pick up

  • Parents are discouraged to go into classroom. If a parent must go into the classroom, he/she must clean hands with sanitizer, wear mask, and disinfect shoes at entrance.

School Hours

  • School hours will be 8½ hours

  • two drop off/pick up schedules may be utilized 8:00am - 4:30pm or 8:30am - 5:00pm
    Drop off time: 8am - 8:30am / Pick up time: 4pm - 4:30pm
    Room 5: Ms. Carrie's Class
    Room 7: Ms. Windy's Class
    Room 9: Ms. Kristina's Class
    Room 11:  Ms. Amy's Class
    Drop off time: 8:30am - 9am / Pick up time: 4:30pm - 5pm
    Room 4: Ms. Jan's Class
    Room 6: Ms. Winnie's Class
    Room 8: Ms. Suki and Ms. Mandy's Class
    Room 10: Mr. Daniel's Class
    Room 12: Ms. Sarah's Class

Can we bring toys from home?


If my child comes in late due to appointment, do we need to go to the office to get her temperature check before joining her class?

You need to give the teacher advance notice, so we can prepare for that.

Difference between COVID-19, allergies, influenza, and common cold

Information provided by American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology (AAAA).
Please click HERE for the information.

Travel Policy During COVID-19

Please click HERE for the travel policy

Reopen Guidelines

Please click HERE for the Parents Reopen Guidelines

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